If ever there was a place to get groceries delivered, it’s London. Busy proffesionals don't have time to waste strolling round a shop, staring blankly at five different kinds of bean! Londoners need their precious spare time for things like mindful triathlons and brunching in a glow-in-the-dark ball pit. So thank the skyline there are a number of different options available, from fabulously fancy items such as a 30-year-old bottle of balsamic vinegar for £55 (yeah that’s a thing) to a single can of KA fizzy fruit punch just because. We’ve picked out five great places to get your groceries that offer delivery from within an hour of ordering. How’s that for capital service?

5) Waitrose

Well, you can’t go far wrong with the marvelously middle-class purveyors of fine fare. But you know what? It’s not as expensive as you might think; after all, it’s ‘quality you’d expect at prices you wouldn’t’. Delivery is free on orders over £60, £7.99 otherwise for 1-hour delivery slots.

4) Farmdrop

The clue is in the name with Farmdrop. They provide locally sourced produce and have bios on their website about all the fishermen/farmers/bakers/candlestick-makers (ok maybe not the last one) they use so you can do some research and pick your favorites. Delivery is free on orders over £30, £3 otherwise, and is brought to you using entirely electric vans.

3) Amazon Fresh

They already supply our tech and TV shows – it surely won’t be long until Amazon overthrow the government. But until then, try out Fresh, their grocery delivery service, which, they claim, offers brands 14 percent cheaper than the high street. But note, you need a Prime membership in order to use it, and even then it costs an extra £6.99/m on top of the £7.99 monthly Prime fee. Delivery is free on orders over £40, including same day.

2) Sainsbury’s Chop-Chop

An oldie but a goodie. Sainsbury’s is a huge household name and therefore can afford to be one of the cheapest options for groceries. You already know what’s on offer – all the stuff you see in a real-life Sainsbury’s – and if you wait to do a weekly shop, you can get £1 delivery for spending at least £25. Delivery is free if you’re going all out and notching past the £100 mark. Delivery is £2.50 on orders over £40 with them.

1) Grocemania

Grocemania bills itself as the 'First Online Grocery Marketplace & On-demand Delivery; service providers. The service looks extremely attractive and competitive. Customers can find all local shops in the area and place an order from one particular store. There is only £10 minimum spend required and smallest ever £2.50 Delivery Fee. I find it extremely convenient and time saving if you urgently need some products but have no time for grocery trip. They also allow you to order from high street retailers like Tesco, Asda and Waitrose, what is also very interesting! 

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