We all have been left with an empty fridge during the Christmas Day at least once in our life. But which shops are open these days and what should you do in such situation? 

To answer your question and give a hand of support we've prepared the list of all shops that will be operating this Christmas and Boxing Day. 

Produced list consists of top grocery shops in London & Surrey filtered by: 

1) Quantity of shops open these days 

2) Range of products available 

3) Open times for Christmas

The List:

7) Little Waitrose & Partners - 4 stores open

Great quality local shops around the corner by Waitrose and Partners. With 4 shops serving this Christmas Waitrose & Partners are talking the 7th position in our list!

6) Bayley & Sage - 6 stores open 

Bayley & Sage is a local deli takes pride in delivering superb quality, knowledge and provenance. Their products reflect the best of the season whether it’s fruit, vegetables, meat or cheese, or the delicious seasonal dishes prepared in our kitchens. With 6 stores serving London the Christmas B&S is taking the 6 position in our chart!

5) Planet Organic - 7 stores open

Largest organic retailer in the country definitely knows what their customers want and when is the right time to hit them! 

4) Wholefoods Market - 7 stores open

We are sure that we don't need to introduce you to Wholefoods and explain what it is! Recently acquired by Amazon, the food retailer surprised us this year by opening every store in their artillery for Christmas Day! So, Wholefoods lovers even if you missed you Christmas Shopping you still have a chance to do it in your local Wholefoods. 

3) Tesco Express - 14 stores open

One of the biggest retailers in the country and another one of our partners, Tesco has opened more than 10 stores in 9 different areas of London this year. Isn't it amazing? Just a few years ago it was so hard to find even one Tesco open during the Xmas or Boxing Day!

2) Mark & Spencers - 16 stores open

Personally, one of my favourite shops overall in the UK opened 15+ stores this Christmas in every area of London. The best part is that every shop is operating at normal working hours, which definitely saves a lot of emotions to people (especially families) who have finished all their products on Christmas Eve and are currently in urgent need to re-fill their supplies :) With 16 stores live this Christmas - M&S is confidently taking the second position in our list this year!

1) Londis - The Winner

Not just one of our partners, but also the store who knows when the customer needs them the most! With more than 25+ shops across the whole London and closing time only at 21:00 PM - Londis is surely taking the first place in our list and receives the award of "Best Customer Care" this year!

*** The list is produced by using third party software services like Google Maps, Keyword Planner and some other. The list does not have any commercial intent and is based only on actual data available on the web. Stores that are listed in this list may not be one of our partner stores and any relations with our current partners did not have any impact on the list above.



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