How To Register On Seedrs Guide

Want to start investing right now and benefit from auspicious start-up businesses? Read our guide and become an investor on SEEDERS right now!

1st Step:

Choose a country of your residency:

2nd Step:

Choose a reason for joining Seedrs - ‘Individual Investor’:

3rd Step:

Put ‘ticks’ in the ‘Membership Agreement’ boxes following afterwards:

4th Step:

Choose ‘Everyday Investor’ in the profile section:

5th Step:

Agree with all Terms and Conditions:

Step 6:

After you’re done with the authentication part, let’s turn to a short quiz!

Question 1: answer ‘Fail’



Question 2: answer ‘No one will be liable...’

Question 3: answer ‘I may not be able to sell...’

Question 4: answer ‘Do not pay dividends...’

Question 5: answer ‘Unless the business is bought by another company...’

Question 6: answer ‘Due to dilution,...’

Question 7: answer ‘Investing a small portion of your available capital...’


This is it! You’re ready to make your first investment!



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