The 6 Surprising Facts About Common Foods
Food is probably a thing you might consider to know everything about... Well, actually you are absolutely right to say that but only in case, you have finished reading this post! 
In this article, we have picked out some of the most mind-blowing and fascinating facts about common foods we eat on a daily basis! Keep reading to educate yourself and impress your friends or family at your next dinner party!
1. The Bell Peppers Have A Gender
Surprised? There is more to come! Based on gender, you also should cook bell peppers differently. The female peppers are full of seeds and sweeter, and suits perfectly to eat them raw or use in a salad. The male ones are more flavored and solid that makes them better for cooking as they do not dissolve in a dish because of high temperatures. 
To understand whether your bell pepper is a male or a female, just flip it over and check its bump. The pepper with 4 bumps is a female, wheres with 3 bumps - a male.
2. Frozen Foods Are Healthier Than Fresh Foods
The good news is if you freeze foods like fruits, vegetables, and berries in advance, they will keep their healthy vitamins and minerals all year round. The study conducted by the University of California proved that freezing help preserves nutritious elements such as vitamin E as well as minerals such as calcium and iron. Keep this useful tip in mind if you are a fan of particular seasonal products that you can not access anytime. 
3. Honey Will Never Go Bad (Same For Sugar & Salt)
Honey in its natural state contains two primary defenses against food spoilage: it is very low in moisture and very acidic. Even placed in a sealed jar it is still kept in a low-moisture and high-acid environment that kills bacteria almost immediately. 
Other products like sugar and salt also have an eternal shelf life, so if you are close to run out of any, feel free to order them on our website without worrying about an expiry date! 
4. Chicken Wings Were Considered Throwaway Parts
Well, it is really hard to comment on that but just try to imagine that up to 1964 chicken wings were usually thrown away! Thanks to Teressa Bellissimo - a New York's bar owner who accidentally received a wholesale order of chicken wings and decided to deep fry them - this iconic everyone's favorite dish emerged!
5. Potato Is Rich In Vitamin C
If you want to get some vitamin C, do not feel obliged to eat citrus fruits only! Enjoy a delicious portion of baked potato instead! Wonder why? In fact, 200g-300g of potatoes contain the daily norm of vitamin C that is one of the biggest immune system boosters of all! Exactly what we all need right now!
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6. An Egg Yolk Is Healthier Than An Egg White

Although many popular diet plans state that egg white is more beneficial, the scientists proved that the egg yolk contains more healthy elements. And even the cholesterol in it is not harmful at all. Consume at least 2-3 whole eggs per week to provide your organism with important vitamins B, D, A, iron, and magnesium.


Have you been surprised to know some of these facts? We might guess you do! We also can assume that these 'food talks' might awake your taste buds! Visit our website then and order fresh groceries delivered straight to your home!  




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