When the leaves starting to change its color and there's a distinct chill in the air, you know autumn is on its way... As well as being one of the most special seasons of the year, autumn brings a bunch of delightful seasonal treats which can warm you up during cold and gloomy days.

For those who want to curl up under a cozy blanket watching a favorite movie, Grocemania has prepared a list of Top 5 Warming Recipies to compliment your autumn evening.

1. Roast carrot and fennel soup

Sweet and aromatic soup with super-easy flatbreads for dunking.

(Source: Jamie Oliver website)

2. Early Cornish pasties


Filled with tender skirt steak and a medley of autumn veg, these delicious, homely Cornish pasties are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. One of these with salad, mustard and beer is pure happiness.

(Source: Jamie Oliver website)

3. Appleberry pie

Loads of filling and seasonal berries give the great British apple pie an American feel.

(Source: Jamie Oliver website)

4. Roasted squash (Zucca al Forno)

Enjoy this Italian-style roasted butternut squash as a side dish or chuck into salad, pasta or soup.

(Source: Jamie Oliver website)

5. Vegan shepherd's pie

A rich, hearty filling topped with gorgeous root-veg mash and zesty breadcrumbs for a super-crisp finish makes this dish really special.

(Source: Jamie Oliver website)

Oh, we forgot to mention that there is absolutely no need to force yourself to go to a grocery store to get these delicious meals done!

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