Hello friends! 

We know you haven't heard us for a while, but we have to say there was a reason behind our 'blog posting break'!

The ones who follow us on social media probably know that during the past months we were getting ready to launch a new crowdfunding campaign on the leading fundraising platform Seedrs, which is famous to be a tremendous kick-start for hundreds of exciting young businesses! So, for now, we've successfully completed the preparation stage, and finally ready to make an official announcement that WE ARE LAUNCHING ON SEEDRS!

From this very moment, anyone can become a part of our auspicious business concept and make a contribution to our mutual growth!

Our goal is to raise £90,000 for the further expansion and service development, which we believe will be a great contribution to help our independent grocery retailers to embrace the enormous opportunities e-commerce provides and to meet ever-changing customers’ expectations who are primarily looking for speed and convenience when grocery shopping, while still favoring reasonably priced high-quality products! 

Meanwhile, we perfectly understand that although you like the idea, you still may have some questions... But here we are to tell!

Well, since the time we've been founded, our main focus is to save customers from spending huge amounts on weekly groceries and provide one of the most cost-efficient delivery rates on the market without compromising on the service quality and speed! At the same time, we accommodate small businesses with cutting-edge digital opportunities to access their customers through the improved customer journey!

By now, we have partnered with more than 60 independent grocery retailers across the city of London and Brighton, and made hundreds of customers happy due to our ability to offer smart, affordable and hassle-free grocery shopping experience!

Currently, we are striving to cover all the existing postcode areas in Central London and complete our expansion into Brighton & Birmingham to enable a bigger number of customers to take the full advantage of doing grocery shopping online. We have recognized the huge buyers’ demand for a smarter way to purchase and developed a data-driven strategy to capture all the opportunities online grocery retailing provides! 

This is why we would love to invite you to become a part of our exciting journey!

The capital raised with the investors’ help will give us another 12 months of run-away and allow to invest money in the following projects: 

- Expansion & Sales (30%)

We have hired 4 interns to help us cover as many postcodes as we can and identify retailers, who are interested in our services. The interns are working on a commission base and earning money when the new store joins our platform. Interns can get between £25 to £75 per referred store depending on the quality and type of the lead. 

Additionally, we plan to run some paid articles with a "subscription" portals like Talking Retail to attract new stores.

- Marketing & Testing (45%)

Aggressive marketing. Most of the budget will go towards Google Ads, as it is the most converting channel for us. Collaboration with Influencers. Local Press. Run our first Radio add and start testing new channels.

- Software Development (20%)

Start working on a machine learning and API integrations for our future data analytics software, and finalize our mobile application for easier access and effortless navigation. The store owners will be provided with PC devices with an embedded all-in-one communication system to simplify the stock control process. 

So, if you love the idea to get your groceries delivered straight to your doors in minutes for only £2.50, and want to support local businesses that are struggling to compete with industry’s giants, get ready to pre-register your interest and stay tuned for much exciting news to come!



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