Birds Eye 4 Chicken Burgers 200g

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Burgers formed from chopped chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs, prefried.

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Happy, taste teatimes
Choosing what to cook at teatime isn't always simple. But here at Birds Eye we want to help make those teatimes less stressful by making great tasting food that your family will love. We've spent a long time making our recipe taste delicious and you're holding the result. Golden breadcrumbs, made with spices wrapped around succulent chicken breast. Yum.

Chicken breast responsibly sourced from carefully selected farms, the majority of which are family owned
We only use the finest quality ingredients which you would find at home
Recipes created with leading experts, to our strict nutritional standards

Forever Food Together
Our commitment to a sustainable future means responsibly sourcing and preparing your food, creating new products that contribute to a balanced diet, and helping everyone to reduce food waste.