7 Cabbage Recipes You've Never Tried Before

It’s easy for the cabbage to get lost in the produce section when it has to compete with spotlight-grabbing superfoods like curly kale, vibrant beets, and pretty little cauliflower florets.
That’s a shame because this cruciferous veggie is just as nutritious as its “sexier” counterparts: Just 1 cup contains almost 50 percent of your daily dose of vitamin C, and it’s brimming fiber and antioxidants.
Best of all, it’s super versatile and can be anything from a pizza topping to a low carb noodle substitute. Need proof? These 7 recipes show there’s so much more to cabbage than coleslaw.
1. Red cabbage chips with tomato yogurt dipping sauce
Known for topping pita bread, za’atar (an aromatic Middle Eastern spice blend) is used here to coat red cabbage leaves, which are then roasted until crisp and dunked into a lemony yogurt.

They may be lower in carbs than traditional chips and dip, but they’re just as crunchy and satisfying.

2. Cabbage salsa


With scallions, jalapeños, and cilantro, this is a pretty classic salsa recipe — except that shredded cabbage takes the place of tomatoes as the main ingredient. (Adorable cactus cup not included.)

3. Red cabbage wraps with quinoa and goat cheese


Higher in vitamin C than its green sibling, red cabbage makes this dish super nutritious, not to mention light enough to serve as an appetizer or side dish.

Use it to hold a high protein mixture of goat cheese and quinoa for a gluten-free dish that may just steal the spotlight from the entrée.

4. A 10-minutes healthy cabbage bowls


This is another recipe that uses cabbage as a serving vehicle, but with a Mexican flair. Tomatoes, avocado, and black beans make a hearty filling for the leafy “bowls.”

With healthy fats, filling protein, and fiber-packed carbs, the result is both perfectly balanced and beautiful.

5. Garlic-roasted cabbage


Just four ingredients and a single cooking technique can be enough to transform cabbage into a star.

Brushed with a good-for-your-heart blend of garlic and olive oil, the cabbage slices hang out in an oven until they’re a tad charred, slightly sweet, and completely delicious.

6. Thai coconut cabbage soup


Soaked in a fragrant coconut broth, shredded cabbage softens to an almost noodle-like consistency, making this dish perfect for those who crave that carby texture but want to keep things on the lighter side.

Add plenty of herbs and spices like turmeric, lemongrass, and ginger to boost the flavors of the veggies and up the antioxidant content of this soothing soup.

7. Tofu veggie bowl with cabbage noodles


Cabbage “noodles” make another appearance in this light yet filling one-bowl meal, adding nutrients you wouldn’t find in regular pasta, including vitamin C.

Meanwhile, tofu bulks up the dish and walnuts and coconut oil provide the fats needed to keep you satisfied.


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