Good afternoon, dear friends. 

Hope you all had a blissful start to the week and we have some great news! 

Yesterday, we've been honoured to be mentioned in the Leaderboard Weekly Review at the Virgin Voom's web portal, where they've stated:

"Another climber, now in the top 10, is Grocemania. The grocery delivery disruptor that’s making it easy to order groceries online from any independent or chain store and have them delivered in minutes – for as little as £2.50 with a £10 order. " - Virgin Voom's Team article in the "Help" section on the 1st of May.

Pretty simply explained what we are doing and that's kind of cool! We are motivated, that more and more people understand and appreciate what we are trying to create and pick our idea out of dozens.

This year, there are a looot of great ideas but our favourite this time was NIFTY. We support Nifty in their 'food waste reduction' business and happy to see cheaper prices on the market! We've been also contacted by the founder of Nifty, Nathaniel Richards, who has suggested us to discuss a future partnership! 

So, guys wait for the cheapest store in the whole UK to appear on our platform!

We are happy to be in the top 10 now and, that people and judges supported us so well in the first few weeks, but it's not a reason to stop now! :D 

We still need support and will appreciate, if you could simply follow the LINK and vote for us! It, shouldn't take more than a minute and you will only need to log-in to Google or Facebook. 

We are still giving away five £10 and ten 30% voucher across the whole site with us for people who shared the post on Twitter and Facebook with support hashtag #ISupportGrocemania :)

Thanks to everyone for the support and enjoy the rest of the day, everyone!



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