Happy Halloween everyone!

Are you ready to be the best 'Halloween Party Host'? If you're still looking for inspiration to put on your festive table, so take a look at the recipes we've found! 

The cool thing is - these meal ideas are not about chocolate and sweets! So, everyone can enjoy some scary snacks and monstrous meals!  

Halloween stuffed peppers

Pumpkins are far from the only vegetable you can carve – and some are much easier to manage. The tasty roast peppers are carved into scary shapes before being filled with a vegetarian grain mix. Alternatively, you could fill with a gloopy red tomato risotto or slithery spaghetti Bolognese and watch the contents seep out for a truly terrifying serving suggestion. But watch out – it's not for the faint-hearted!

Healthy Halloween nachos

Try a chilling take on chips 'n' dips with these fun bat-shaped tortilla crisps, guaranteed to add some goodness to any Halloween party buffet spread. Wholewheat tortillas add fibre and crunch, while the sweetcorn salsa, guacamole and carrot dippers provide three of your five-a-day.

Healthy Halloween pizzas

Kids will love decorating these individual pizzas with olive 'spiders' or another terrifying topping of their choosing – provide some pre-prepared vegetables and let them create their own eerie designs. 

Pumpkin pancakes

Make seasonal pumpkin or butternut squash the star of the show with this simple pancake recipe. Serve with your favourite yogurt and fresh fruit for a fiendishly good Halloween breakfast or brunch.

Pumpkin hummus

A hollowed-out pumpkin makes the perfect vessel for a Halloween party dip. Carve out a pumpkin and use the flesh to create a creamy hummus, then scoop back into the skin for a spooky serving suggestion. Serve with red or yellow peppers or wholegrain toasted pittas for a healthy snack.

Creamy pumpkin & lentil soup

Looking for an autumnal lunch dish? This tasty soup uses both the flesh and seeds of the pumpkin for minimal waste and maximum flavour. It's low-fat, gluten-free and vegetarian too – guaranteed to keep everyone happy.

Creamy tomato soup

It just takes a bit of imagination to transform this classic dish into a scream-worthy soup. Add a freaky finishing flourish by using crème fraîche to create a spider’s web pattern, or garnish with some mini mozzarella balls decorated with cherry tomatoes and basil to create creepy ‘eyeballs’.

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