The Worst Foods To Eat Before Bed
So many things in the external environment can affect the way we get a good night sleep essential for our physical health... Apart from the well-known destructive aspects such as noise, light, and temperature, did you know that actually the foods we eat affect our sleep too? Yes, that's true! 
The foods we eat right before bedtime can have a big impact on how many Z’s we catch at night! While some foods are better for you, there are quite a few that are strongly recommended staying away from. If you try to follow a healthy diet, you definitely should keep it in mind as having a bad night’s sleep can lead you to crave more unhealthy snacks and junk food the next day.
So, to aware which foods exactly have the potential to ruin your sleep, we've made a list of the top things to avoid before sleep. 
1. Chocolate
Before you crave a candy bar before bed, know this: chocolate is packed with sugar, which can have a serious impact on how well you sleep. Some studies proved that participants who ate more sugar and saturated fats experienced less deep sleep and woke up more throughout the night. Chocolate also contains caffeine, which can stimulate the nervous system and keep you awake for hours.
2. Fried Foods

In moderation, indulging in fried foods right before bed is ok but remember that greasy foods move extremely slowly through the digestive system, and therefore will be working really hard if you’re hoping to get a good night’s rest.

3. Ice Cream


We can't disagree, having a nice dessert after dinner is always a good idea, but ice cream isn’t the best option for sleep. Dairy can have a ton of fat and even low-fat ice creams can be high in sugar—which means eating it right before bed won’t provide your body enough time to burn it before sleeping and you probably will not be getting a ton of sleep. 

4. Pasta


If you thinking of having a big bowl of your favorite pasta late at night, opt for a whole-wheat option made from complex carbs that are lower in calories and higher in fiber and nutrients. In contrast to whole-grain pasta, other pasta bases are straight carbohydrates which, like sugar, activate a fat-storage system in your body and then let it run through the night. As a result, it will prevent you from reaching a restorative deep sleep.  

5. Red Meat


Being a great source of protein and high levels of iron and tryptophan which both have been shown to help sleep, it is still better not to indulge in red meat right before bed. In fact, the high protein found in red meat is good for you just not right before bed because it can keep your body works hard all night. Thus, it may cause restless sleep.

6. Alcohol


Not only foods can affect your quality of sleep, drinking before bed can impact your sleep too! If you're planning to drink alcohol, try not to do it just before bedtime because when you fall asleep your liver is hard at work and is working hard to remove the alcohol from your system. This could, in turn, negatively affect your quality of sleep.



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