Are you an independent retailer looking for more awesome opportunities to grow your business and develop effective relationships with your industry partners? Or maybe you're an auspicious young entrepreneur and want to break into the grocery market with your new startup?

If so, we bet you've experienced it first hand that being into a retail industry and running a store is not just about standing behind the counter and ringing up customers. You also have to get out there, see what's happening in the retail industry, make friends with your peers, and shop around for cool products or solutions that can make your store more awesome.

Apart from that, grocery retailing space is quickly paving its way to becoming a leader in digital transformation, where technology and robust operations will shape the future of the shopper’s journey, giving them an experience, unlike anything they’ve seen before. Therefore, the best way to keep up with the latest developments is to connect with other independent retailers and wholesalers who can provide valuable resources and industry insights.

That's why Grocemania has created The First Conference for Independent Grocery Retailers which will take place in London on Friday, February 13th, 2019. This one-day event complemented with an enticing array of catering menu dishes will be an exciting opportunity for networking, and a meeting point for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and other professionals in the grocery space.

The First Conference for Independent Grocery Retailers 2019 will bring more than 100 grocery retailers, industry professionals, startups and brands together to provide our attendees with a unique collaborative environment that enables quality networking, socializing, and learning. Whether you're looking for networking opportunities or new products to adopt, The first Conference for Independent Grocery Retailers 2019 guarantees that you will find fresh, actionable ideas, plans, and connections that will have a profound effect on your businesses.

We make it easy for you to connect with your peers as well as potential new partners, and engage with diverse audiences. So, join The First Conference for Independent Grocery Retailers on February 13th in London for a kick-off start of your grocery business!

Please note, that the venue will be announced later in October!

We are also looking for Speakers! If you would like to speak about your business or industry trends please email: 

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