Kenco Millicano Wholebean Instant Coffee Refill 85g

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A blend of instant coffee and roast and ground coffee.

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Great coffee starts with helping people that grow our beans.

Millicano is the very first Wholebean Instant from Kenco. It contains finely-milled wholebeans, with essential coffee oils locked in, for a smooth, full bodied taste and rich aroma; all in an instant.

At Kenco we believe in doing our bit for a fairer world. For young Hondurans, gangs are a constant threat. At Kenco, we want to make a difference by training vulnerable young people as coffee farmers, so we're offering an alternative to gangs and an opportunity for a new future.

Pack Size: 85g

Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

  • A unique blend of instant coffee & finely-milled coffee beans
  • Coffee made happy



Instant Coffee (85%), Roast and Ground Coffee (15%)