'Little Moons' Dupe: Make the Viral Mochi Ice Cream at Home!

Get ready to learn how to make the tastiest mochi ice cream at home!

'Little Moons' Dupe: Make the Viral Mochi Ice Cream at Home!


Thanks to TikTok, the sweet Japanese snack known as 'mochi' has turned into a huge trend and became a real godsend for those, who want to satisfy sweet tooth cravings while following a healthy eating routine. The average mochi ball is only about 70 calories per piece, so no wonder why many people are ready to queue hours to grab a pack of a desired low-calorie treat!

On the other hand, the price on TikTok-famous 'Little Moons' pack is somewhere around £6 pounds for 6 balls, not a cheap treat if you're on a budget, isn't it?

But here we are with our homemade solution to feed your newly found mochi addiction! Save this recipe to practice mochi-making at home and stock up your freezer with a variety of mochi flavors that won't cost you a dime!


If you tried the recipe or found it useful, please share your expericence in comments! We will be happy to know a bit more about the results you get!:)