Top 6 Butcher Shops in London 2019! Exclusive Grocemania Rating Revealed

Which store sells the best quality meat? Just say 'neigh' to mystery meat. We pick out the best butchers in London, where provenance is assured, together with great service!

Which store sells the best quality meat? Just say 'neigh' to mystery meat. We pick out the best butchers in London, where provenance is assured, together with great service

Ever wondered what is the best butcher shop in London? Very picky to what you eat? Look no further, we have prepared a list of TOP 5 Butchers in London especially for you! 

Proper meat is worth paying for and a good butcher is a world away from mystery meat. You'll get top-quality produce, knowledgeable service and a guarantee that the meat has been ethically sourced. These London butchers are a cut above the rest. Do you agree with our choices? Use the comments box below or tweet your suggestions.

Barbecoa Butchers (Mansion House) 


Given that the ‘barbecue steakhouse’ above it is a venture from savvy restaurateurs Jamie Oliver and US ‘barbecue king’ Adam Perry Lang, it’s no surprise that the adjoining butcher’s shop is smart, slick and serious about its meat. Cuts come handpicked from across the UK’s finest farms, before being aged on site.

M Moen & Sons Butchers (Clapham)


The chaps at Moen have come a long way from their South Norwood roots. These days, they occupy a grand Victorian-tiled space moment from Clapham Common tube, where they cure their own bacon, source premium organic and free-range meat, and can supply you with pretty much everything you’d need for a smart dinner, from sparklingly fresh herbs to in-season ve

Ginger Pig (South Hackney)


How many times have you been in a smart London restaurant and seen the words ‘From the Ginger Pig’ on the menu? Well you can recreate the meaty magic at home, with pies, pickles and sausages straight from their maker. There are five branches across town, but we love the Hackney outpost, which brings quality cuts to east London, along with excellent sausage rolls.

Al-Andalus Butchers (Kingston)


Arguably the most popular butcher in west London, Andalus has built a reputation on its vast and high-quality selection. Alongside the usual suspects (meat, sausages, pies), you’ll also find cheaper cuts (onglet, ox cheeks, rabbit), own-made stocks and more exotic options via advance order, such as a three-bird roast of goose, capon and pheasant.

HG Walter (West Kensington)


West London is awash with great meaty options. This fancy Barons Court butcher is also fairly modern, supplying to burger champions Patty & Bun, among others. Staff will advise on the best cuts for slow-cooking and supply offal and even Ibérico pata negra for the true meat fiends. Or just stop in to pick up first-rate steaks, chops and sausages. Take the time to browse the deli, too – HG’s homemade scotch quail eggs are worth the trip alone.

Hill & Szrok (South Hackney)


It’s not often that carcasses are given prominence in London restaurants, but that’s exactly what happens in the refrigerated window display of this ‘master butcher & cookshop’. Butchers by day and intimate dining room by night, Hill & Szrok has given new meaning to the phrase ‘open kitchen’ and made such a success of it that they had to open a pub/restaurant to deal with the demand.