Understanding Our 2018 Results & Future Business Objectives

"Letter to all new and existing Shareholders". Dear Grocemania Shareholders, Thank you for putting your trust in Grocemania and the team since our crowdfunding campaign two months ago. I am writing this letter to you as a Managing Director of the Board of Grocemania. As we have officially closed our first Seed round today and we plan...

"Letter to all new and existing Shareholders".

Dear Grocemania Shareholders,

Thank you for putting your trust in Grocemania and the team since our crowdfunding campaign two months ago.

I am writing this letter to you as a Managing Director of the Board of Grocemania. As we have officially closed our first Seed round today and we plan to grow the team as a priority and therefore introduce some new features and activities on the platform! However, as a partner in the Grocemania Partnership, shareholder and founder of the company, I will always be happy to engage in any discussion about the company directly at any time in the future, so feel free to email me at info@grocemania.co.uk.

As business evolves, the biggest challenge of any company is to ensure constant and dynamic growth with a set road map and new product releases to always stay on top of the market. I am very proud of and grateful for what Grocemania has achieved over the past 12 months. As we established a unique system to not simply find & shop from any local retailer, but also a positive way to support local businesses and small chains to give them opportunity to maximise their sales and get more business online. Alexandr Zhexembayev will now lead the team in Sales Department to bring more quality partners to the platform so that Grocemania will continue to enable the best grocery delivery service in more areas in and around London.

Grocemania Partners Poster

As for myself, I will devote more time and effort to our technology, infrastructure and operational processes with our new CTO - Mohammed Shah. While I will not allow myself to sit idle, this time, I will be able to spend time on building and learning more about the core code and all new opportunities we can introduce to our users. However, I will still be engaged in most of the marketing activities, so you will still see my face :) 

Grocemania will remain committed to sustainable growth for at least 2 years and our mission to “make it easy to do get groceries anywhere.” We will take one step at a time for this ideal: by the year 2022, we aim to serve 3 global capitals, empower at least 1000 profitable businesses and create 100+ new jobs.

Even though, we have just launched our startup in 2017 but we have already had incredible results in just one year! We have grown our community of 28 well known grocery partner stores all across Surrey area and delivered over 2000+ orders to our happy clients! Not always happy of course, as we are still too small to serve every one of you but we will do our best in improving our customer service and avoiding any disappointments from the client side! 

This year our Marketing team has achieved a biggest break through and we would like to share with you what have been done. This year our team and I myself have been honoured to be featured in various prestigious editions like CITY AM, The Grocer, TNW 2018 Landscape and even The Forbes Kazakhstan. We have spent the past 12 months on bringing the word out to the world about the business and are extremely happy with what we have achieved so far! We’ve made progress toward securing our positions on all SERPS for keywords like “grocery delivery London,” “grocery delivery Surrey,” “on-demand grocery delivery,” “cheap grocery delivery” and “best grocery delivery.” We have grown our social media base with more than 15,000+ followers combined on all channels. Our team appeared twice on TV this year and met enormous amount of wonderful people like some of the Paypal Founders and even our competitors from HomeRun! I am excited that we are able to keep the hassle for another few months and still have some much to share with you all.

Grocemania New IOS app

A year ago, we made a commitment to the development of the most user friendly, efficient and seamless grocery shopping software. Since then, we have truly transformed into a technology company. In the March of the last year we have released our first IOS app for all users and had over 1000+ downloads with only positive feedback so far. We aim to use our technology to create enormous value for the manufacturing, retail and consumer sectors. For the past two years, we have realized value in the retail industry through empowering 20 grocery retail stores to implement online and offline integration, making our New Retail vision possible. We plan to keep improving our technology stack and start entering Hypermarket & Supermarket sectors, introducing Stock Control systems for our partners plus data & advertisement opportunities for a high profile manufacturers, like Mars Group who are intrested to receive the data on their products performance in the on-demand sector. 

Grocemania x Mars collaboration | Delivery London

I want to thank you – our shareholders – for your trust and support. Grocemania will not stop at opportunities that are already apparent. We will always invest for the future. Our focus on the future means that will keep embracing ourselves and try to come up with new innovative ideas how to improve and introduce complete seamless grocery shopping solution for users. We strongly believe that if we innovate to solve problems and create real value in the process, market opportunity and profitability will not escape us.

Each six months starting from this year, all our shareholders will receive new letter to shareholders with a look-back on everything we have achieved and plan to achieve in future, I look forward to all new adventures with you all on board as we embark on our next journey together. We also will share the updated Business Plan and Technology Overview directly with every investors early next week!

Askar Bulegenov
Founder & Managing Director
Grocemania Limited