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Updates to Grocemania's Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Updates to Grocemania's Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Whether you are one of our lovely customers or one of our largest partners, we deeply value the trust you gave us by using Grocemania and want to say “thank you” for it. The latest changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy demonstrate both our commitment to keep your...

04 25 , 2018
Grocemania noticed in Post & Parcel Grocemania noticed in Post & Parcel

Another article about our service and fundraising campaign! :) Our team is extremely happy and honoured to be featured on Post & Parcel and would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Ian Taylor, who has not passed by and wrote about us! Read Full Article Here.

04 19 , 2018
Grocemania spotted on The Grocer Grocemania spotted on The Grocer

Hey friends, Yesterday was a big surprise for us, as one of our Partners invited us to add one more store in Teddington and told, that he has seen us in The Grocer! Our team was confused, as we've never been mentioned by The Grocer in any socials or contacted...

04 17 , 2018
Grocemania in #Voom 2018 Contest! Grocemania in #Voom 2018 Contest!

We have a tradition already to enter #Voom competition each year! 2 years in a row we went for a final, but this time we are aiming for the first place only! Please vote for us simply by following the link below and help us to present our business in front of...

04 09 , 2018
Grocemania featured in CITY A.M. Grocemania featured in CITY A.M.

We’ve been noticed by the City A.M. and it’s so cool! Thank you, guys and everyone who supported and supports us now! We have recently been featured in CITY A.M. national press and we feel so motivated o keep on grinding and providing everyone with the fastest grocery deliveries! Super excited...

03 01 , 2018
Slow-Cooked Lamb and Olive Tagine Slow-Cooked Lamb and Olive Tagine

Thanks to the slow cooker, this Moroccan meal is a cinch to prepare at home. There’s no stovetop prep required—just toss the lamb, apricots, olives, vegetables, and spices into your slow cooker. The slow, all-day simmer ensures the dish is both fragrant and flavorful. Whip up a quick batch of...

08 10 , 2017
New Year Roasted Ham New Year Roasted Ham

Roasted Ham is a perfect meat dish for the New Year Eve party as it is pretty simple to cook and super enjoyable to eat. This beautiful piece of meat will serve as a great decoration for your table and will delight your guests. Moreover, the leftovers can be used...

12 29 , 2016
Lamb Meatballs Lamb Meatballs

Today we decided to delight the spicy food lovers. This dish is a variation of the Middle-east cuisine, rich in different flavours and fragrances. Lamb, coriander, and cinnamon create an original combination together which is supplemented with hot chili sauce as a nice hint. Definitely worth to try! Ingredients: 450g lean...

10 20 , 2016
Ground Beef Rice Bowl Ground Beef Rice Bowl

It's becoming colder outside, so now is a perfect time to heat our lives up with some delicious food. Today's dish comes from the Chinese cuisine and has very decent taste; all the hot food lovers should like this dish, as it is quite spicy. Simple in cooking and tastes...

10 16 , 2016
Cheese & Mushrooms Potatoes Cheese & Mushrooms Potatoes

Baked Potatoes or Jacket Potatoes, as they are called in the UK have been popular in England for many years, since the 19th Century. Today we can find a huge amount of variations of this dish, suitable for any taste and preference. Such meal is quite long in cooking time, but...

10 06 , 2016
Chocolate Chip Cookie Chocolate Chip Cookie

Who doesn't like cookies? These warm, gooey and chocolate fragranced snacks are absolutely great and delicious for any occasion. Today is a special occasion, the Homemade Cookie Day! We want you to celebrate it with this perfect homemade cookie recipe and enjoy your Saturday. Ingredients: 3/4 c granulated sugar 3/4 C packed...

10 01 , 2016
Testaroli with Pesto Testaroli with Pesto

Testaroli is one of the kinds of pancakes, originally comes from Italy. It is very unusual and rare recipe, yet so delicious and original in taste. Being prepared only from fresh ingredients without any meet, it is fully suitable for vegetarians and people watching their weight. Ingredients: 300g flour 550g water 1...

09 15 , 2016